French Student Fun

Well, over the last week or two my family has been hosting a student from France. Its been quite a bit of fun for us all. Just figured I'd post about it at least its something :)

Give Me Life?

Figured its about time I post an update. Don't have much to say other than the fact that life moves on. I'm trying to get more involved with other things rather than sit around do nothing. This is my huge goal for the time being. I really hate just sitting around an waiting for people to come to me. Overall, though I'm quite happy with the way things are in my life thus far. I just never get around to posting on this here site, like I should.

Ah well, to each his own.
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Kentuckey Reflection

Well, this would be today's entry I'm feeling better today, I have a bit of a headache, and a stuffed up nose. However everything else is fine!

I'm glad I pushed myself to go to Kentucky over my spring break instead of going home like I did last year. It was so worth it! I learned a lot about myself, and how one can make their dream come true even if there isn't a lot of money nor people to help you with it. I also walked away knowing a few more faces in the crowed, and I look forward to talking to them during the school day or at a meal I happen to see them at here on campus. Sense I spent the last hour or so typing out all these entries and back dating, I feel really good about what I have accomplished over these past few days. Though when I tell the story, it seems like I wasn't there for very long, but when I was there it sure felt like a long time. Interesting how that works huh? Anyway, I'm sick of typing so its time for me to take a break from this..

Peace out...
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Travel Back

Woke up nice and early this morning, went down to the school to get breakfast. Said my good-byes to the wonderful staff and other volunteers I had met over the past few days. We stayed around to see the skits that we were supposed to perform for round up, they were rather entertaining, however the one that my school did was more of an inside joke, so most of the other didn't laugh, but we all thought it was great!

The car ride home was kinda dull, nothing like spending 8 hours in the car wanting to be home already. Just the point I want to make here is that it went a lot faster because we didn't have 30 others to worry about!

Now its time for refelction...
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Sick Day..

Today, after round up we watched 4 videos about the history of the town of David and the achievements of the David School. After the videos we heard the founder's history on how he started the school, and how he found the town of David. He also went into detail about the history of Coal mining. This took most of the morning, however before lunch we went out to a highway that the David School had adapted and we picked up trash. However, I noticed that as I was picking up trash, I was getting kind of dizzy. This cannot be a good thing. So after we went back for lunch, I just took it easy the rest of the afternoon. I chatted with a few people, and bagged up some clothing.

The activity for this night was square/folk dancing. I wasn't feeling up to speed, so I did not participate in the dancing, however I sat above them and I watched them dance till I got sleepy and went back to my cabin and started to packup for my trip home! Due to me feeling kind of sick, I volunteered to go home early, as they needed 3 people to go.

One last entry about the trip... stay tuned!
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Shadowing Day

Today was my best day out of the whole trip. My tasks today were to ride the school bus with the kids, and to shadow (observe) a kid while they went through their school day, and kitchen duty!
I woke up extra early so that I could ride the David School bus that goes and picks up the kids that live far away from the school. The bus ride was quite beautiful going through the rolling hills of David and the next town over. The unique thing about this bus route, is there is only one stop. So I just sat back and enjoyed the wonderful nature. The bus driver pointed out that we passed a Civil War battle ground, I found that quite neat!

The school day starts at 8:20 AM, with what they call round up, this is were any announcements are given and were the person in charge tries to crack a few jokes to get the kids in a good mood for the school day. This gets into the philosophy behind the David School, which I'll save that for another entry. The I was assigned the my student, she was a nice girl, however I could see were she struggled academically.

The David School is a neat place for the kids, their average class size is about 5-6 kids, this way the teachers can pay close attention to the students. The classes that I attend seemed to promote having the students work on their own, through worksheets and ask the teacher questions about things they don't understand.

Overall shadowing was a neat experience. As usual, I had a relaxing afternoon, and we had our meeting in the evening about our roles for the next day.

Yes.. there is still more to tell.. Stay tuned! Wednesday gets fun!
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Kentuckey Trip Day 3

Well, we got up at 7AM Kentucky time, and walked down to the school from the cabins to eat breakfast. Today as I stated yesterday, I got the task of helping out in the wood shop! Well, according to a few people who were on the trip last year, they said the teacher in the wood shop is a bit of a hard guy to get along with, however with my experience today, I think they were quite wrong. However, I must admit the tasks I had to do, were not the most fun! In the morning I scrubbed the floor of art classroom which is above the wood shop. Was not a whole lot of fun, however I guess it was good for me as I had not scrubbed a floor on my hands and knees that often! In the afternoon, I dusted the saw dust off the bottom portion of the wood shop walls, this was the least fun of the tasks! I got to in hail saw dust while I dusted, it was no fun at all!

After school let out, I wanted to take a break, so I went to the area were we would eat to take a break, however I met up with a group that was helping with another project. So I decided to help them. This task was to move some sand and rocks that had been moved onto the school's ball field during the two floods. This wasn't the most exciting task in the world, however I got to talk to a few people while working and that made it quite fun :) We went back to the school around 4ish, and then I relaxed for the rest of the time till dinner. After dinner, it was time for our meeting, we reflected on our experiences throughout the day, and then we picked our tasks to do for the next day.

there is still more to tell... stay tuned...

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Kentuckey Trip Day 2

Yet another day.. resuming where I left off :)

Woke up at 9:30am Kentucky time when I went to bed at about 1:30 AM, so not too much sleep, but enough to power me for the rest of the day. Today was a relax and orientationday. I attend Mass at 10:30, then ate my first meal at the david school at noon. The food was excellent! Then later on we (as a group) went out to a lake near by and hiked a nice long trail and enjoyed the nice surroundings of David Kentucky. After the hike, we stopped at DQ to get some ice cream. Then went back to the school and ate dinner.

Durring the evening it was time for us to be assigned to projects. Each evening the person in charge would state a list of tasks that he would like to get done for the next day, and we volunteer to help get them accomplished. The task I volunteered for was helping out in the wood shop.. We'll see how this goes :)

To be continued...
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